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Blessed Unction Don Fortner

(Tune: #17 — Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing — 87.87.87)


1.    Holy Spirit, now deliver

All Your saints from slavish fear;

Blessed Spirit, Comfort-giver,

Rest upon God’s chosen here. —

By Your unction, blessed unction,

Bring the Savior’s fulness near!


2.    By Your mighty operation,

Every contrite heart revive;

And reveal that full salvation,

By which ruined sinners live. —

May Your unction, blessed unction,

Pardon, peace, and comfort give!


3.    Only by Divine anointing,

Ransomed sinners know the Lord;

Gospel truths, to Jesus pointing,

Strength, delight, and joy afford,

When Your unction, blessed unction,

Rests upon the preacher’s word.


4.    Come, O come, almighty Teacher,

Make all here to know Your power!

On the hearers and the preacher,

Send a rich, refreshing shower,

Of Your unction, blessed unction,

In this consecrated hour.




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