Blessed Be The Dead

Donald S. Fortner, 1990

Joseph R. Terrell, 1991


Blessed are the dead who die in Christ,
For they are with Him now;
The glor-ies they now share in heav'n,
No mor-tal here can know.

Soon as the ransomed soul is freed,
>From this poor mor-tal frame;
Be-fore we know it's gone it is, <

Faith tries but here cannot quite see,
The things God has prepared;
For those He chose redeemed and called,
And now in heav'n ap-pear.

We'll now re-joice this much to know,
They are com-plete-ly blessed;
Freed from all sorrow, pain and sin,
With Jesus Christ they rest.

Our friends their Savior fully see,
And all His glory share;
Let us be foll'wer's of the Lamb,
And we shall join them there.