Believing on the Lamb of God — Don Fortner

(Tune: #355 — From Every Stormy wind that Blows —LM)


1.    Amazing love, beyond degree!

Eternal, sovÕreign, rich and free!

God gave His only, darling Son,

For rebels, ruined and undone!


2.    I have, by grace, this gift received; —

In Jesus Christ I now believe.

Believing on the Lamb of God,

I claim redemption through His blood!


3.    Yes, life, eternal life is mine,

The gift of God, a work divine!

The Holy Spirit, blessed Seal,

Makes evÕry covÕnant blessing real!


4.    The pledge of love, this precious gift,

Above all fears my soul shall lift;

I cannot perish, but shall prove,

The joys of everlasting love!





Don Fortner



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