Believing Sinners, Sing, Rejoice!—Don Fortner

(Tune: #46 – O For A Thousand Tongues -- CM)

1.      Believing sinners, sing, rejoice—

Your sins are forgiven!

Forgiven of all sin, rejoice,

And lift your praise to heav’n!


2.      Christ Jesus, our Redeemer, died,

When our sins were made His!

By blood and grace we’re justified,

Ours is His righteousness!


3.      Let sinners ransomed sing His praise.

Extol His matchless name!

Behold the wonders of His grace!

His mighty works proclaim.


4.      He chose us in eternal love.

In the due time He came.

Here God commends to us His love.—

Behold the bleeding Lamb!


5.      Now, look again, He’s freed from sin,

Who died and rose again;

And as He is we are in Him—

Freed from sin! Heirs of heav’n!