Believe And Be BaptizedDon Fortner

(Tune: #145—Hail! Thou Once Despised Jesus!—87.87D)


Do you seek, my friend, salvation, by the matchless grace of God?

Hear the gospel’s revelation—Seek all grace through Jesus’ blood.

Look to Christ the only Savior, in His saving Name confide!

If you would with God find favor, trust Christ Jesus crucified.


If the Son of God has called you by His Spirit’s sov’reign voice,

Coming now in faith He saves you, you’re the object of His choice!

Follow, now, your Lord, believer, and be baptized in His name,

Just as He in Jordan’s river  was immersed and rose again.


Now, in faith, His footsteps tracing, follow Christ without delay.

And, His ordinance embracing, see your Master lead the way.

In the wat’ry grave descending, (‘Tis His grave before your eyes.)

With this faith and understanding, from the dead with Christ arise.