Behold the Christ for Sinners SlainDon Fortner

(Tune: #90 ― It Came Upon A Midnight Clear ― CMD)

  1. Behold, the Christ for sinners slain upon the cursed tree!

What crushed His holy soul with pain? From whence His agony?

Let none who wear His blessed name forget what His death means. ―

Our Savior died and suffered hell within because of sin!


  1. The nails, the thorns, the soldierŐs spear, the taunts and jeers of men,

Could never crush ImmanuelŐs heart, ― but our imputed sin!

GodŐs holy sword atonement made, (Not all the strokes of men!)

Which fell upon our SaviorŐs head for us made to be sin!


  1. Now blush, my soul, oh, blush with shame, for all my horrid sin!

Rejoice, my soul, and praise His name, Christ put away my sin!

A willing Sacrifice He died, in this poor sinnerŐs stead,

Triumphant, ŇIt is finished,Ó cried and calmly bowed His head.


  1. Triumphant, see our Victor lead into captivity

Satan and sin and death and hell, winning our liberty!

Behold the Savior on His throne, (Redemption fully wrought!)

He reigns to give eternal life to sinners dearly bought!









Don Fortner



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