Before the Day Star Knew Its PlaceDon Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I Can Read My Title Clear — CM)


1.    Before the sun in heavÕn was placed,

Or angelÕs voice could sound,

GodÕs saints in bonds of sovÕreign grace,

Were one with Jesus found.


2.    In all Christ Jesus did on earth,

His chosen did in Him; —

From the obedience of His birth,

Through death in darkness grim!


3.    For His elect He tasted death;

All glory to his name!

Triumphant in His dying breath,

With Him we overcame!


4.    With Christ our Savior on the tree

We met the lawÕs demands;

ÒI am in them. They are in me.Ó

And thus our union stands!


5.    Since Jesus slept among the dead,

He saved us from deathÕs fear;

For with our suffÕring gracious Head,

WeÕve been triumphant there.


6.    When from the tomb we see Him rise,

Triumphant oÕer our foes,

He bore His members to the skies,

And with Him we arose!


7.    This union cannot be dissolved,

By which all things are ours,

Long as eternal years revolve,

Or Deity endures!





Don Fortner



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