Be Gone Unbelief!Don Fortner

(Tune: #400 — Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be? —LM)


1.    Be gone my fears, for Christ is near,

And for my soul He will appear:

His work my Savior will perform,

So let me smile at every storm.


2.    Though dark my way, Christ is my Guide,

(Jehovah-jireh will provide!)

Though cisterns break and creatures fail,

His promised grace shall yet prevail.


3.    His mercy, love and grace I know

Will never, never let me go!

The many Ebenezers past

Assure me that free grace will last.


4.    Preserved by grace, He watched my path,

While I rebelled and courted death,

And He will keep me through all strife

With sins and falls to endless life!


5.    He Who taught me to trust His Name,

Said You shall not be put to shame.

Im saved, Im saved by grace alone

In Jesus Christ, Gods darling Son!









Don Fortner



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