Don Fortner


My soul in darkness, death and sin,

Was lost and all undone:

I did not know my lost estate;

I could not see God's Son.



But God, in grace and pow'r Divine,

Stepped in to save my soul:

His gracious purpose has prevailed,

And He has made me whole.


My heart defied God's holy law,

Refusing to be ruled:

I would not hear the gospel's call-

This heart would not be wooed.


God would not lose His chosen one,

The soul redeemed by blood:

His Spirit broke into my heart,

And then I understood.


"But God! "-What blessed words of grace!

He broke my stubborn will:

Throughout the great eternal age

I'll chant His praises still.


(Tune: I Want a Principle Within)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D