BLOOD ATONEMENT                  


Don Fortner


(Tune: `Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus  #287   87.87.D)


Come, O Son of God our Savior,

Bearer of our sin and shame,

Teach us now and help us ever

To extol Your matchless name.

As we sing, and pray, and listen

To Your Word, come show Your face.

Let these hearts of stone be broken.

Fill us with Your boundless grace.


Give sweet tokens of redemption

Make us know that all is well.

Make us know our blest exemption

From the curse, from sin, and hell.

Tell us, Savior, make us feel it,

We are Yours, forever Yours!

Take each wounded heart and heal it.

 Be the glory ever Yours!


Make each chosen, ransomed sinner

Know the power of Your blood.

Freed from guilt, O blest Redeemer,

How we praise You for Your blood!

Blood atonement! Blood atonement!

How we praise You for Your blood!

Were it not for blood atonement

We could never come to God.