Don Fortner

(Tune: #39 This Is My Fatherís World– SMD)

Behold, our Savior comes, And every eye shall see

†††††† The Lamb of God for sinners slain Upon the cursed tree.

†††††† In heaven, earth and hell, All Godís creation shall

†††††† Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, And every knee shall bow.



The ransomed of the Lord In glory shall appear.

†††††† Chosen, redeemed and called by grace, Weíll meet our God with cheer.

†††††† But rebel sinners shall Godís Lamb in terror meet.

†††††† Youíll stand before the judgment seat Of Him whom you most hate!



Before the trumpet sounds, And Christ awakes the dead,

†††††† Before the great white throne is set, And all the books are read -

†††††† O sinners, seek His grace Whose wrath you cannot bear!

†††††† Fall, now, before the throne of grace, And find salvation there!