Don Fortner


(Tune: O How I Love Jesus #483 CM)


Behold the wond'rous love of God,

So infinite and free!

His love makes us the heirs of grace

And gives us liberty!


In the eternal ages past,

Before the world began,

God's love devised the scheme of grace

To ransom fallen man.


God in the covenant of grace

Elected all His own;

And for the ransom of our souls

He gave His only Son!


And for the love He has for us

Christ Jesus bled and died,

That by the merits of His blood

We might be justified!


In love the Holy Spirit came

To raise us from the dead.

He gave us life and faith in Christ.

And by His grace we're led.


That love which chose and ransomed us,

And raised us from the dead,

Will never, ever let us die.

It's wond'rous love indeed!