Don Fortner


(Tune: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear  #90 CMD)


Let ev'ry ransomed sinner sing

And praise the triune God.

With grateful hearts, your honors bring.

Let us extol our God!

The Father gave His darling Son

To ransom His elect.

The Lamb was slain ere time begun

Or we incurred our debt.


In the fulness of time, Christ came, 

(God's Son in human flesh!)

That He might put away our sin

And bring in righteousness.

Praise God the Holy Spirit, too,

For His almighty grace,

Who sprinkles Jesus' blood on you

And gives your conscience peace.


Behold the virgin's infant child

Was Jesus come to save!

He was, and ever will abide,

The God-man who can save!

Immanuel, the God-man died

And rose again for us,

With His own blood appears on high

And claims heaven for us!