Don Fortner


Behold the Son, our Surety!

Into His hands our souls were giv'n;

With God, our Father, He agreed

To bring us safely home to heav'n:

Behold the Lamb of God dying!

He gave His life for His elect-

Yes, Jesus bought us with His blood-

His ransomed ones He will protect

Behold the Son of God reigning

As King upon the throne above;

All things given into His hands,

To save the people of His love:

Behold the Man upon the throne,

Who rules in heaven, earth and hell,

That Man is Christ, our Savior God,

His throne should all our fears dispel.


Behold our Advocate on high!

He wears our names upon His heart,

He will not charge His own with sin,

Nor let us from His love depart:

Look, look to Christ, to Christ alone,

Trust not the works that you have done;

His blood and righteousness alone

Secure your place before His throne.


(Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer)

Long Meter Double 88.88.D