Don Fortner


(Tune: This Is My Father's World #39 SMD)


Behold the harvest great-

There is a multitude

Whom God shall save from sin and death,

A chosen multitude!

Though ruined and condemned,

And lost by Adam's fall,

That chosen race which Christ redeemed

He will effectually call!


The Holy Spirit shall

Be given to Christ's seed;

They all shall live by sovereign grace

And trust their covenant Head.

But God will use the means

Which He ordained to save:

Without the preaching of His Word

No sinner can be saved.


So, Father, now we pray

That You will raise up men,

As faithful laborers in Your Word,

To bring the harvest in.

Send forth Your servants, Lord,

With wisdom, power, and grace;

And we will give them what they need

To preach Your sovereign grace.