Don Fortner


Behold the good Shepherd, Who died for His sheep,

The sheep He has purchased, the Shepherd will keep:

He promised His Father, (die number untold!)

He would bring all safely into His own fold.


Now for His own honor the Shepherd will search,

Until He finds His sheep, scattered o'er all earth;

And when He has found them, He calls them by name:

By saving His lost ones, the Shepherd wins fame.


I am one of Christ's sheep, weak, helpless and frail,

But Christ is my Shepherd, and He cannot fail:

The hand that has saved me, holds me in His grace;

No Power can harm me, or break His embrace.


Christ Jesus shall bring all Ms sheep safely home:

Not one shall be missing, no, not even one:

Then gathered in heaven, the Shepherd and sheep,

Christ will then say, "Father, here are all Our sheep!"


(Tune: Take Time to be Holy)

Double Amphibrachic 65.65.