Don Fortner


(Tune: This Is My Father's World  #39  SMD)


Be strong, be strong, my soul,

Be strong in Christ the Lord;

Yes, in the power of His might,

Be strong and fight for God.

Put on the whole armor

Of God, that you might stand

Against the wiles of satan and,

Having done all, to stand.


The girdle of God's truth

Breastplate of righteousness,

And shoes of gospel peace now take,

And join the cause of Christ!

Above all, take the shield

Of faith in Jesus Christ,

By which you shall quench all the darts,

Which satan at you casts.


Salvation's helmet wear;

The Spirit's sword hold fast;

And pray always for grace and strength

To honor Jesus Christ!

Pray for your comrades in

The cause of truth and grace.

God, grant Your saints the grace we need

To triumph at the last!