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Awake, My Sleeping Soul, AriseDon Fortner

(Tune: #42 — All Hail the Power — CM)


1.    Awake! Awake! Blest saints of God,

Redeemed by Jesus’ blood!

By Christ redeemed, by God made just,

Awake to Christ your Trust!


2.    Walk as the children of the Day,

In His beauty arrayed.

Why should this world delight you so?

Why grovel here below?


3.    Your life is hid with Christ in God. ⸺

He bought you with His blood!

Rise up, My love,” Your Bridegroom says,

Rise up, and come away!


4.    Blest saints of God and heirs of bliss,

Haste through this wilderness!

Live not for vanity and toys,

But for eternal joys.


5.    It is the voice of my Beloved

That calls, “Rise up My love.

Awake, my sleeping soul, arise,

And Christ shall give thee light!







Don Fortner








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