Atoning Blood — Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology —LM)


1.    Good news the gospel herald bears,

To banish all my slavish fears: —

Christ, on the great atoning day,

Took all His people’s sins away.


2.    I know He thus removed all mine

For I am blest with life divine;

And, sprinkled with atoning blood,

I trust the smitten Lamb of God.


3.    Christ Jesus, my dear Surety,

Made sin for me, put sin away!

Yes, in His blood my sins were drowned,

And with my Lord I shall be crowned!


4.    Trusting Christ Jesus crucified,

The Spirit has the blood applied,

That seals my pardon — quells my fear,

And gives the hope of glory here.







Don Fortner



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