Astonished with Your Greatness, God†††††††† Don Fortner

(Tune: O For A Thousand Tongues†† #46† CM)

1.       Can man by searching find out God in His immensity?

†††††† Eternal, infinite is He! What finite worms are we!


2.       Though we should soar to heavín above, or scan the depths of hell,

†††††† The glory of the mighty God no man can know or tell.


3.       With wisdom, powír, and skill unknown, by His own fixed decrees,

†††††† From His majestic, sovereign throne, God rules all things with ease.


4.       God kills and God makes us to live, according to His will,

†††††† And every man and creature shall Godís purposes fulfill.


5.       His purposes none can oppose, His will none can resist;

†††††† God is the Master of His foes! By Him all things subsist!


6.       Astonished with Your greatness, God, we bow before Your throne;

†††††† And we give thanks to know that our great God is on His throne!