As hungry babes we’ve come


Don Fortner


(Tune: Stand Up And Bless The Lord #33   SM)


Lord, send Your Spirit down

    Upon Your church this hour.

    Let us see Christ exalted high

    And know His saving pow’r.



As hungry babes we’ve come,

    Longing of Christ to learn.

    Teach us by grace and make us wise

    His body to discern.



Make every sinner here

    Know why the Savior came.

    Make known the virtue of His blood

    And the pow’r of His name.



 It’s by Your Word we live,

    And not by bread alone.

    God, speak Your Word through our pastor

    And make it clearly known.



 And with the Word, we pray,

    Impart Your Spirit’s pow’r.

    Oh, feast our souls on Christ the Bread,

    The Bread of life this hour!