As We Begin Another Year — Don Fortner

(Tune: This Is My Father’s World #39 — SMD)


1.    Joyfully we appear, our God, before Your throne,

As we begin another year, to make Your glory known.

What bounties we’ve enjoyed! What mercies we’ll yet share!

Your boundless grace for us employed has opened this new year.


2.    We’ve wept and we’ve rejoiced as You our steps prepared;

Father, we would bow to Your choice through all the coming year.

Our unbelief forgive, our doubts and carnal fears!

Help us alone for Christ to live, each day of this new year.


3.    Prepare us for Your will, teach us to trust Your care;

And let Your lovingkindness still our hearts through all the year.

Revive, refresh our souls, make Christ more and more dear,

Whate’er Your providence unfolds, each day of this new year



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