Arise, My Soul, Jehovah Own! — Don Fortner

(Tune: O for a Closer Walk with God — CM)


1.    Arise, my soul, Jehovah own, —

Our faithful covÕnant God.

Of Him, through Him, to Him alone

All things are of the Lord!


2.    Of God the FatherÕs SovÕreign choice,

Of God the SaviorÕs grace, —

Of God the SpiritÕs quickÕning voice,

Lives all the chosen race.


3.    Through God the FatherÕs faithfulness,

Through God the SpiritÕs might, —

Through God the SaviorÕs righteousness,

We have eternal life.


4.    To God the Father praise belongs —

To God the Son weÕll sing-

To God the Holy Ghost our songs

All praise and glory bring.








Don Fortner



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