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Apprehended by Christ Don Fortner

(Tune: #104 — Immortal Love, Forever Full —CM)



  1. The sinner’s life, corrupt, descends;

Perverse are all his ways,

Til Christ in mercy apprehends;

And then the rebel prays.


  1. When first He brings his crimes to view,

And shows the law’s demands,

While conscience says, “The charge is true,”

Trembling, the sinner stands.


  1. But then the Savior’s welcome voice,

Says, “Look to Me and live!

I apprehend you as my choice,

Pardon and life to give!”

  1. The trembling soul revives again,

At Jesus’ saving word;

He sees by grace and enters in

The kingdom of the Lord!


  1. With cheerful heart, he walks by faith,

And Zion’s hill ascends.

He follows Christ until by grace,

Glory he apprehends!




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