Another Year Has Passed ― Don Fortner

(Tune: Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?―#110―CM)


1.       Another year has passed in which we've seen God's hand of grace:

Our Father's gracious providence has shown His faithfulness.


2.      Some of God's chosen, ransomed ones have been renewed by grace,

United now to Christ by faith in blessed forgiveness.


3.      Some of God's saints, through fiery trials and through the waters deep,

Have learned to lean upon their Lord, and found His presence sweet.


4.      Some of our friends have been called home; with Christ they reign on high!

Freed from all sorrow and all sin, their weeping eyes are dried!


5.      And we by grace have all been kept, looking to Christ alone;

Preserved by grace, we offer thanks, before our Father's throne.


6.      As we begin another year, Father, help us, we pray,

To serve Your cause, honor Your name, and walk with You each day.