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Angels Wonder at the Sight — Don Fortner

(Tune: #393 — Take My Life and Let It Be — 77.77)


1.      Christ, the Lord, from Calvary

Calls the wand’rer passing by;

“Was there ever grief like Mine?”

Asks the Suff’rer all divine.


2.      Hear the dying Savior’s cries;

Righteous anger on Him lies;

Justice payment full requires;

Jesus suffers, groans, expires!


3.      Angels wonder at the sight;

And the sun withholds its light:

Earth, and hell, astonish’d view: —

Sinner, is it nought to you?


4.      Ne’er did sorrows equal His,

But they purchas’d heav’nly bliss;

Vanquish’d Satan, sin o’erthrew: —

“Is this nothing?” He asks you?


5.      “Yes,” my thankful soul replies,

“I now see in Him Who dies,

Pardon purchas’d, peace procur’d,

Grace bestow’d, and heav’n secur’d.”





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