And, Now, As Dawns Another Year Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 When I Survey LM)


1.        My God, Your mercy, love and grace

Have led me through this wilderness;

And, though my sins oft bring me woe,

Your goodness is unchanged, I know.


2.        While viewing all my days now past,

With shame, my sin I must confess.

Yet, Your mercy, so rich and free,

Abides forever sure for me!


3.        And, now, as dawns another year,

I cast myself upon Your care,

Dependent on Your boundless grace

To keep me seeking, Lord, Your face.


4.        Revive Your work, O Lord, in me!

Subdue my sin, cause me to be

Watchful in prayer and filled with praise.

Guide me in my appointed ways.


5.        Savior, teach me to live by faith,

Triumphant over sin and death,

To walk in love and others bless,

While sweetly leaning on Your breast.