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Amazing Mercy! Matchless Grace! Don Fortner

(Tune: #52 — Majestic Sweetness —CM)

1.     Amazing mercy! Matchless grace!

Pity and love combined!

The Mighty God will dwell, He says,

ÒWith evÕry contrite one.Ó

2.    He views all worlds, and fills all space;

Binds winds, and measures storms;

Yet stoops, and makes His dwelling place,

In hearts of sinful worms!

3.    His contrite ones He will revive,

His mourners shall not faint;

For He has grace and strength, to give

To evÕry needy saint.

4.    His attributes all shining bright,

Above and here below: —

The God Who is and dwells in light,

In mercy stoops so low!







Don Fortner








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