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Altogether Lovely Don Fortner

(Tune: #118 — When I Survey —LM)


1.    Let Zion hear while I proclaim,

My SaviorÕs matchless, precious name:

HeÕs holy, wise, and just and true,

And altogether lovely too!


2.    Chiefest among ten thousand He!

His heart is love. His mouth most sweet.

My Friend, Beloved, Christ my King,

To You, my heart and praise I bring.


3.    Completely man, completely God,

The God-man bought us with His blood.

He lived, and died, and reigns for us —

HeÕs altogether lovely thus!


4.    Your loveliness has won my heart.

Hold me, and let me never part!

IÕll sound Your lovely name abroad,

My altogether lovely Lord!


5.    Up to His throne, I soon shall go,

More of His loveliness to know;

With ransomed millions IÕll declare,

HeÕs altogether lovely there!







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