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Alpha and Omega Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology  — LM)


1.    As through this world of time I move,

In hope of heavÕn and life above,

Thinking of GodÕs creation vast,

My Savior is the First and Last.


2.    His name with sweet delight I view,

HeÕs Alpha and Omega, too!

He drew creationÕs wondrous plan,

And finished what He first began.


3.    When on His Word my eye is cast,

Christ Jesus is the First and Last;

And all the mercies there made known,

Their Alpha and Omega crown.


4.    His work of grace within reveals

HeÕs Alpha and Omega, still;

From first to last His glories show,

And lay this wretched sinner low.


5.    O Holy Ghost, make Christ to be,

Alpha and Omega to me!

Oh, consecrate my life to Him,

Who died for me, GodÕs Son, the Lamb!


6.    Then, when the toils of life are past,

Jesus shall be the First and Last;

And when I bow before my King,

IÕll Alpha and Omega sing!







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