“All Things are Ready!” — Don Fortner

(Tune: Stand Up, and Bless the Lord!)


1.    What sweet melodious voice

Is this that meets my ear?

All things are ready!” — O Rejoice,

And to this feast draw near.


2.    No more your substance waste,

On vanities and toys:

All things are ready!” — Come and taste

Of everlasting joys.


3.    All God and heav’n require,

And all that sinners need, —

All is prepared that saints desire. —

Come, hungry souls, and feed.


4.    All who by grace are spared,

On wine and fat things feast;

And yet there is enough prepared,

For millions more to taste!


5.    Taste, sinners, taste and see

That Christ, the Lord, is good!

All things are ready!” — All is free,

Through Christ’s atoning blood!







Don Fortner



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