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All That Now Our Souls Distress—Don Fortner

(Tune: #352—Jesus, Lover of My Soul—77.77)


1.    Every heir of endless bliss,

Passing through this wilderness,

Finds his journey, to the end,

Vexed with trouble and with sin.

This is GodŐs all-wise decree.

May He give us grace to see —

Thus He weans us from the earthŐs

Vanity and empty mirth.


2.    Pains and sorrows, sin and woes,

SatanŐs roars and countless foes,

Every day our way oppose. Still,

GodŐs grace sufficient proves!

He is strong, faithful and true.

He will guide us safely through!

All that now our souls distress,

Will increase our endless bliss!







Don Fortner








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