Accepted from Eternity ó Don Fortner

(Tune: # 66 ó Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts ó LM)

1.        In union with the Lamb of God,

Accepted from eternity,

Chosen, adopted, blessed we stood,

In Godís dear Son, our Surety!

2.        By covínant grace placed in His fold,

Adopted by that grace, most free,

Saved by his wise decree, weíre told,

In Christ we shall forever be!

3.        Godís covínant He will never break,

Though sins may oft our peace assail,

Though storms arise and we are weak,

Our anchor holds within the veil!

4.        Here let our weary souls find rest,

Our God and Savior stays the same;

And He declares that we are blest,

Blest in the Lamb for sinners slain!