Don Fortner

(Tune: Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?†† #342CM)


How can a wretched soul unclean,

With heart as cold as stone,

So full of unbelief and sin,

Hope that itís heaven born?


With temper vile and horrid pride,

Can I yet claim Godís grace?

My sin, which cannot be denied,

Has robbed my soul of peace.


Yet, in this state, I turn anew

To Jesus crucified,

With weeping eyes the Savior view,

And hope Iím justified.


Christ Jesus died for sinnersí sake.

(And that I know I am!)

The ground He gives I humbly take,

And trust my Lord, the Lamb.


I have no other righteousness

Than that which Jesus gives.

Itís by His merit (Gift of grace!)

That this poor sinner lives!


As I received Christ at the first,

So now I come to Him -

A sinner base and full of lusts,

Whose only hope is Him!