Don Fortner


Approach, my soul, the throne of grace

In every time of need;

There's mercy for the needy one,

Who Jesus' name shall plead.

Though I'm a weak and sinful wretch,

I will approach the throne

I'll lean upon Christ's mighty arm,

And plead His blood alone.


The blood! The precious blood of Christ!

Has opened up the way

By which I can draw near to God,

And to my Father pray.


Though Satan tempts my heart to sin,

I'll call upon my God;

And if I fall, He'll lift me up,

And cleanse me in the blood.


The way is open, God will hear

My groans and cries of grief,

Nothing can keep me from His throne,

But my own unbelief.


Oh, Lord, my unbelief remove,

And turn my heart by grace:

Compel me to approach Your throne,

And there spread out my case.


(Tune: O For a Thousand Tongues)

Common Meter 86.86.