Don Fortner


Our heav'nly Father, God of love,

Your kindness and Your grace we prove;

Our praise accept and bless us here,

As we conclude another year.

We praise You for Your providence,

You've been our Shield and our Defense:

And by Your constant, gracious care

We've been preserved another year.


By Your Spirit and Your pow'r

We've enjoyed the heav'nly show'r:

Christ Jesus did Himself appear

Among His saints another year.


We here resign our souls, our all,

Be pleased to take and use us all,

And grant that in Your love and fear

We may begin another year.


Let us Your grace experience still,

To walk according to Your will,

To live by faith in love sincere,

As we begin another year.


Lord, hold us in the living way,

And when You call us in death's day,

We'll gladly part with all that's here,

Nor wish on earth another year.


(Tune: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day)

Long Meter 88.88.