Don Fortner


All things together work for good

By God's all wise design

To those who love their sovereign Lord,

The called by grace Divine-

The called by grace Divine.

My God, before the world was made,

Predestinated all,

And nothing happens in this world

Beyond my God's control-

Beyond my God's control.


He chose me in etemal love,

Redeemed me by His blood,

He called me and He gave me life

And He will do me good-

And He will do me good.


My God, I trust Your providence,

Your will, not mine, be done:

Content, I wait to see Your grace,

And bow before Your throne-

And bow before Your throne.


My life, my all, I now resign

To You, my Lord and God,

Nothing I ask or seek except

The glory of my God-

The glory of my God.


(Tune: Majestic Sweetness)

Common Meter 86.86.