A Sinner, Blind, I Could Not See ó Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology ó LM)


1.        A sinner, blind, I could not see. In bondage I thought I was free.

Then Jesus came to set me free, shed forth His light and made me see!

2.        My guilty soul He shook with fear. Then His atoning blood appeared.

Now wakened from my deep distress, I trust His blood and righteousness.

3.        Though vexed I am with all my sin, before my God Iím pure and clean.

My God declares (How can it be?), that Christ Himself resides in me!

4.        Itís from His sufferings, I know, that saving grace to sinners flows,

To justify and pardon, too, and make this fallen sinner new.

5.        A worthless worm, I now possess, in Christ all grace and righteousness!

All glory to my Savior God, Who bought me with His precious blood!