Don Fortner


O Lord, a stubborn rebel bows,

Compelled by sovereign grace,

My heart surrenders all to Thee,

Thy Son I now embrace.


My Heart, like flint, before Thy law

Was hard and would not break;

But when in Christ I saw Thy love,

This heart began to ache.


Though Sinai's wrath, like thunder, rolled

And terror seized my soul,

I would not bend my stubborn will

And yield to Thy control.


But mercy has my heart subdued,

Thy grace has broken in:

A bleeding Savior I have seen,

And now I hate my sin.


Now, Lord, I would be Thine alone,

For Thou hast set me free;

Come, take possession of my heart,

I long to live for Thee.


As it has pleased Thee, dearest Lord,

To save a wretch like me,

Come, rule me by Thy sovereign grace,

To serve and honor Thee.


(Tune: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D