Don Fortner


A prodigal, I wandered far,

Wasting my life in sin and shame

Until, at last, I was outcast

With no one but myself to blame:

Though the wanderer's path was hard,

I had a rebel's will to roam:

Though sin brought pain and misery,

I had no thought of coming home.


I tried in vain to change my ways,

Not knowing that my heart was wrong:

My righteous works were husks for swine;

They did not satisfy me long:

At last, I sunk in deep despair,

There in my filth and sin I lie:

The prodigal had nothing left-

I thought that I would surely die!


But grace had marked the time and place

Beyond which I could never go:

Grace stripped me, and grace brought me down,

Though then God's grace I did not know:

Grace forced me to my Father's house,

And made me willing to come home:

I knew not what awaited me,

But I arose and headed home.


Behold, my Father rose and ran,

And fell upon my filthy neck!

He kissed me and kissed me again,

And said, "Welcome, son, welcome back!"

The Lamb was sacrificed for me!

Christ's spotless robe is now my dress!

The ring of covenant love I wear!

This prodigal is saved by grace!


(Tune: Sweet Hour of Prayer)

Long Meter Double 88.88.D