A New Creature — Don Fortner

(Tune: #10 — O God, Our Help in Ages Past — CM)


1.    GodÕs mighty acts, wisdom and power

Are seen in natureÕs frame;

EarthÕs hills and streams, and heavÕnÕs high tower

Omnipotence proclaim.


2.    But mercyÕs work demands my praise,

(Here greater powerÕs displayed!);

Jehovah has, by sovÕreign grace,

A new creation made.


3.    From AdamÕs ruins He selects

The stones which in him fell;

And temples for Himself erects,

In which the Lord will dwell.


4.    The work begun HeÕll neÕer forsake,

Though earth and hell oppose;

His name and honor are at stake,

To save the ones He chose.


5.    O let this thought give cheer each hour: —

The Lord will not forsake:

New creatures, made by blood and power,

He will to glory take.








Don Fortner



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