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A Guilty Debtor, Vile and Poor Don Fortner

(Tune: #44 — Amazing Love —LM)

1.    A guilty debtor, vile and poor,

I bowed and knocked at MercyÕs Door.

Knowing my debt, I could not pay,

I feared I must be turned away.

But Christ, Who died my soul to save,

In mercy free, my debt forgave!

He Who my debt had fully paid

Would not His ransomed turn away.

2.    His sovÕreign grace shall be my boast,

For I am bound to love Him most.

I owed the most! — Nothing could pay!

But Christ took all my sin away!

IÕll triumph in redeeming love,

When I ascend to Heaven above,

And sing in HeavÕnÕs eternal day,

Christ paid my debt and bought my way!







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