A Good Hope by Grace Don Fortner

(Tune: #44 — And Can it Be? — LM)


1.     Bold shall I stand on judgment day,

Though millions shall be cast away.

Since Jesus Christ my ransom paid,

No charge against me shall be made.

While through my Saviorís blood I am

Absolved from sin, and guilt, and blame,

I cannot be condemned to die,

For by free grace Iím justified.


2.     Robed in my Saviorís righteousness,

My soul cannot be in distress,

For with His spotless garments on

I am as holy as Godís Son!

The Holy Spirit sheds abroad

Within my heart the love of God. —

His blessed gift of life and faith

Has freed me from the fear of death.


3.     Made fit for heaven by Godís grace

Imparting Jesusí righteousness,

Washed in His blood and born of God,

I have good hope by grace from God.

While unbelieving rebels die,

ďSalvation to the Lord!Ē Iíll cry.

My worth and works Iíll still deny,

ďSalvation to the Lord!Ē Iíll cry.



Don Fortner



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