A Failure God Is NotDon Fortner

(Tune: #46óO For A Thousand Tongues-CM)


  1. Did Jesus Christ, the Son of God, His people come to save?

Yes, and for them His precious blood For sinís atonement gave!


  1. Now justice satisfied demands That all for whom He died,

(See how Godís grace and justice blends!) By grace are justified!


  1. Not one for whom the Shepherd died Can in the end be lost,

Lest He in shame, defeated cry, ďI failed. My sheep is lost!Ē


  1. (Blasphemy!) That can never be! A failure God is not!

With Christ they shall forever be, Whom He so dearly bought!


  1. Faith lifts her expectations high, The merit of Christís blood

Makes sinners who deserved to die With Him joint-heirs of God!


  1. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, No heart has yet conceived,

What boundless glory Godís prepared For sinners who believe!


  1. Poor, needy sinner, look to Him,ó Be reconciled to God!

Give up your works! Confess your sin! Trust Christ, the Lamb of God!