Don Fortner


(Tune: How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours LMD)


A debtor to mercy I am!

Of covenant mercy I sing!

Through faith in my Savior, the Lamb,

My praises to God I must bring.

God's mercy preceded my birth,

And followed me all of my days;

Though I have no merit, nor worth,

My whole life His mercy displays.


When lost in rebellion and sin,

God's mercy protected me then;

And since I have been born again

In all things His mercy is seen!

My daily provisions, I know,

Come from my God's bountiful hand;

In happiness here, or in woe,

My God will His mercy command!


When sorrows and sins are no more,

And I'm with my glorified King,

I will my God's mercy adore,

Forever and ever I'll sing -

A vessel of mercy I am!

I'm saved by the mercy of God!

Rich mercy through Jesus, the Lamb,

Who bought me with His precious blood!