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“A Brand Plucked out of Fire” Don Fortner

(Tune: #222 — There is a Fountain —CM)


1.    Awake, my soul, the grace admire

That saved my guilty soul,

That plucked me from eternal fire,

Eternal joys to know.


2.    I was a wretched, withered brand,

Cast out in sin and shame;

But Jesus Christ stretched forth His hand,

And plucked me from the flame!


3.    Though Satan, sin, and earthly cares,

With my own flesh conspire,

My Savior holds me and declares,

He’ll save me from the fire.


4.    The fiend of hell in disarray,

And disappointed stands,

While all his legions hear him say,

“This is a rescued brand.”


5.    Though flesh and spirit in me war,

This hope my soul inspires: —

I’ll stand in Christ at heaven’s bar

A brand plucked out of fire!







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