Text: Revelation 21:9-22:5

Subject: The Church, The City of God

Date: Sunday Evening - September 25, 1988




                Throughout the Book of Revelation we have seen vision after vision of the Lord jesus Christ in his redemptive, saving, preserving grace. Every vision seen and recorded by John setsforth the whole history of redemption, from the incarnation of Christ until the final consummation of ll things, at his glorious second advent. Each vision is historical, current, and prophetic. And, as you read through the Book, you get a sense of anticipation. Everything appears to be moving in one direction, with steady pace, toward a particular end end. Really, history is not circular, but linear. All of history moves in a direct line to one, glorious end, to accomplish one object. And that object is the complete revelation of God’s glory in the salvation of his elect by Christ Jesus. This is the vision which John describes in Revelation 21:9 - 22:5.


                In this passage of Scripture, we have a beautiful, symbollic picture of the church of God, the Bride of Christ, as God views it. It is the holy city, the new Jerusalem. Remember, the picture is altogether symbolical. It is a picture of the church of God in her eternal, heavenly glory. But this vision of the church’s triumphant glory is also a vision of the church’s present glory in Christ.




                In Christ, by virtue of our union with him, the church of God and every member of it is perfectly and eternally complete (Col. 2:10).


                In the passage before us, John tells us twelve things about the church of the living God, “The Holy City, the New Jerusalem.” Let us now stand upon the high mountain of faith and see things as they really are.




                The church is a community of men and women who have fellowship with God in the Lord Jesus Christ.

                A. It is a Holy City - Purified by blood!

                B. It is a New City - Renewed by grace!

                C. It is a Very Large City

                D. It is aRadiant, Highly Valued City, a City of Pure Gold!

                E. It is a Complete City - Four Square

                    1400 miles high -Symbolically a perfect square

                    1400 miles long  (See Psa. 48:12-14)

                    1400 miles wide


II.This Holy City, the Church, is the Bride of Christ (21:2, 9).

                The object of his eternal love

                The choice of his heart

                The one to whom he is betrothed

                The one for whom dowry has been paid

                The one He is coming to wed


III. This City, the New Jerusalem, is a well lit city (21:11, 23; 22:5).


                The Lord God himself, as he is revealed and known in the sin-atoning Lamb, is the light of the city. Christ the Light drives out the darkness of ignorance and the night of sorrow.

                A. It is only in Christ that the glory of God is seen here.

                B. It is only in Christ the glory of God can be seen in everlasting glory (Isa. 60:1, 3, 5, 19-21).


IV. The Church is the Temple of God, but here John tells us that God is the Temple of His Church (Rev. 21:22).


                It is true that God dwells in us. But understand this - we dwell in God! And in eternity, we shall have the full manifestation and enjoyment of the atmosphere of God’s being. The radiance of God’s being shall fill the entire city of God. It shall be fully manifest everywhere, to everyone. There shall be no back settlements in the heavenly Canaan, no dark corners in the New Jerusalem. All of God’s elect shall forever dwell in the immediate, direct, presence of God. Can you begin now to realize this - We dwell in God! What an honor! What security!


V. The New jerusalem is a divinely secured fortress of grace (Rev. 21:12, 17, 18).


                Round about this city is a great high wall, a wall with four sides. It is an unseen wall, but it is a very secure wall. The wall of our salvation is our great God (Zech. 2:5).

                - The purpose of God!

                - The purchase of God!

                -The power of God!

                - The promise of God!


VI. The foundations upon which this city is built are the twelve apostles of Christ (Rev. 21:14, 19, 20).


                Men and women come into this city, come into this church of God, and enter into glory at last by the preaching of the apostles, by the message they delivered - The gospel of Christ.

                A. They are the apostles, the messengers of the Lamb.

                B. Their foundations are really one - Jesus Christ himself ;(Eph. 2:20; I Cor. 3:9).

                C. In this great foundation, all the glorious attributes of God are setforth by the many precious stones, are revealed.


VII. This great city has twelve gates of pearl (Rev. 21:12, 13, 21, 25, 27; 22:14-15).


                A. There are plenty of op