Sermon #90                                      Luke Series


          Title:            “A Woman To Be Remembered”

          Text:            Luke 17:28-32 (Genesis 19:15-28)




          Tape #        




          Our Lord gave his disciples many commands and taught them much. However, he told them explicitly to remember but one person; and it seems that we remember anyone or anything except “Lot’s wife’.


          Lot came to Sodom by his own selfish choice. When it came time for him and Abraham to depart from one another, Lot chose the goodly plains toward Sodom.


          There are few warnings in the Scriptures more solemn than the one found in our text: “Remember Lot’s wife.”


Review: Genesis 19


          Now, Lot’s wife was a professor of religion. Her husband was a righteous man (2 Pet. 2:8). She left Sodom with her husband on the day that that city was destroyed. But, against the direct command of God, she looked back behind her husband to the city she loved. She was struck dead at once, and turned into a pillar of salt. Now, the Lord Jesus Christ holds her up as a beacon to his church, and says, “Remember Lot’s wife!”


          It is a solemn warning when we think of the person named— Not Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Samuel, David, or Solomon, but Lot’s wife.


          It is especially sobering when we find the connection of the text with the subject he was describing— His second advent (v. 33).


          It is a serious matter for our consideration, when we think of the one who is speaking— The compassionate Savior.


          It becomes a solemn warning, when we consider the persons to whom it was given— His disciples.


          This warning comes as a challenge to all true believers of every age, when we recall the word used— Remember.


          When the time of separation came, Lot’s wife could not tear herself from the city, which she loved.




          The last days are upon us. The second coming of Christ draws near. In the fulfillment of prophecy, it seems that daily the awesome enemy, worldliness, the spirit of this world, and antichrist is increasing in our very assemblies as a corrupting disease. Let us this day remember Lot’s wife and thereby be provided with safeguards and antidotes against this terrible enemy and corrupting disease.


I. Remember her privileges.


          A. Her religious privileges.


          1. In the days of Abraham and Lot true, saving religion was scarce upon the earth.


          2. She had a godly man for a husband.


          3. She was present as God graciously dealt with Abraham and Lot.


          B. Her religious peril.


          1. She was likely well acquainted with the ways of God in dealing with men.


          2. Her privileges were rare.


          3. Her privileges had no good effect upon her soul.


          C. Application


          1. The mere possession of religious privileges will save no one’s soul.


          2. Religious associations are not saving.


          3. A religious family is not necessarily a saved one.


          NOTE: “Nothing so hardens the heart of man as a barren familiarity with sacred things.” — Bishop J. C. Ryle.


II. Remember her provocation — Her sin.


          A. The substance of her sin.


          The substance, the sum of her sin lies in these words: “She looked back.”


          B. The seriousness of her sin.


          Upon the surface, that look appears to be a small thing. There is, however, far more in that look than strikes you at first sight. It implied far more than it expressed.


          1. It revealed the true character of Lot’s wife.


          2. It revealed disobedience in Lot’s wife.


          NOTE: It is better to obey than to sacrifice.


          3. It revealed the proud unbelief of Lot’s wife. She seemed to doubt whether God would really destroy Sodom.


          4. It revealed the secret love of the world in Lot’s wife. She was physically separated from Sodom, but Sodom was yet in her heart, and her heart was yet in Sodom (James 4:4; 1 John 2:15).


          C. The shortness of her subjection.


          She ran well in subjection to divine revelation for a season, but soon she looked back (stony ground hearers).


          1. How many children of religious families begin well and end ill? They grow to love the world!


          2. How many married people do well in religion until their children are grown, then they fall away?


          3. How many members of our churches were at one time zealous and earnest professors, and have now become cold and formal?


          4. How many ministers work hard at their profession for a few years, and then become lazy and indolent from the love of this present world?


          NOTE: So many begin with Jacob, David, and Peter and end with Esau, Saul, and Judas.


          D. Application:


          1. Beware of half-hearted religion.


          2. Beware of supposing that you can go too far in religion, and of secretly trying to keep in with the world. Take heed that you do not become a copy of Mr. Bunyan’s “Mr. Facing Both Ways”.


III. Remember her punishment.


          A. The description of her punishment— The Scripture describes her punishment in a few words. “She looked back and became a pillar of salt.”


          1. It was a fearful end— Sudden, instant, death.


          2. It was a hopeless end.


          B. The dessert of her punishment.


          God punishes sharply those who sin willfully. Great privileges misused bring down great wrath.


1.     Pharaoh

2.     Hophani and Phinehas

3.     Saul

4.     Absolom

5.     Belshazzar

6.     Judas

7.     Ananias and Sapphira

8.     These being dead, yet speak.


C. The duration of her punishment.


          Let me speak here for a moment on the reality and eternality of hell.


          1. The same Bible, that teaches the love and compassion of God, teaches us of His wrath and hatred of sin (John 3:16, 36).


          2. The Lord Jesus Christ has spoken plainly of the eternality of hell.


          3. The comforting ideas the Scriptures give of heaven are at an end if we deny the eternality and reality of hell.


          4. The justice, holiness, and righteousness of God require that hell be eternal.


          5. Beware of any ministry which does not plainly teach the eternality of hell.




          Consider often what your end will be.


          In a day of much light, knowledge, and profession, I desire to set up a beacon to preserve souls from shipwreck. That beacon is this: “Remember Lot’s wife!”


1.     Are you careless about the second advent of Christ?

2.     Are you lukewarm, or cold in Christianity?

3.     Are you halting between two opinions, and disposed to go back to the world?

4.     Are you trifling with little sins?

5.     Are you resting on religious privileges?

6.     Are you trusting in your religious knowledge?

7.     Do you profess Christianity and yet cling to the world?

8.     Do you trust that you will have a death-bed repentance?

9.     Are you, after all, only a church member, and no more?


In the hour of temptation— “Remember Lot’s wife!”