Sermon # 20 Series: Matthew


            Title:              “BELIEVE YE THAT I AM ABLE TO DO THIS?”
            Text:              Matthew 9:27-38
            Subject:        Lessons From The Lord’s Miracles

            Date:             Tuesday Evening – November 29, 1994
            Tape:            # Q-71




            In the passage before us two blind men and one dumb man, one who was possessed by an evil spirit were hated by the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of his touch.


            The two blind men who were healed come to the Lord Jesus seeking mercy. These two men who had been companions in misery were about to be made companions in mercy. Notice what Matthew tells us about these men.


  1. They were blind – All men are spiritually blind.
  2. They were earnest – They meant business. They were determined to give the Son of God no rest until he gave them rest. They followed the Savior through the streets and on into the house, crying for mercy – (Jer. 29:13-14).
  3. They believed on the Lord Jesus Christ – They believed him to be the Messiah, “The Son of David.’ They acknowledged and confessed him as “Lord,” and they believed he was able give them their sight. More than that – They believed him! They believed him to be both omnipotent and merciful!
  4. They sought the right thing – Mercy! “God, be merciful unto me!” All who seek for God to deal with them on the basis of what they deserve shall have what they deserve – everlasting ruin! But all who seek mercy shall obtain mercy!
  5. They obtained the thing they desired – “Their eyes were opened!”


The two blind men came seeking the Lord; but the poor demon-possessed man who could not speak, was brought to the Master – (v. 32). Notice the word “behold,” This is a striking case. This man was not himself. A demon had taken possession of him. He does not cry for help. He does not come to Christ. But someone cared enough for his wretched soul to bring him to Christ. Let us do the same. Some will come to the house of God because God creates in them a need to be in the place of worship. But most will never come until gracious souls go out and bring them into the house of mercy.


            These two examples of grace are set before us, one immediately following the other to teach us that the experience of grace is as varied and diverse as the recipients of grace. All three of these men needed mercy. All three obtained mercy. All three obtained mercy through Christ the Mediator. But they did not obtain it the same way. Mercy came to the blind men only after they actively, earnestly sought it. But mercy came to the dumb, demon-possessed soul by such immediate power that he never even thought about it before he had obtained it.





            The things written in these verses of Scripture are here recorded by Divine Inspiration to teach us about the mercy, grace, and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ and about our responsibilities before him.




            Specifically there are five things taught in this passage of Scripture, which deserve our close attention.


  1. Faith is Frequently Found where it is Least Expected.
  2. Disobedience to Christ is Inexcusable.
  3. None are beyond the Reach of Christ’s Omnipotence.
  4. The Lord Jesus Is A Savior full of Compassion for Needy Souls.
  5. There is A Great Harvest of Souls to be Gathered by Grace For Which We Are Responsible.


I.  Faith is Frequently Found Where It Is Least Expected.


            Who would have thought two blind men, or that poor demon-possessed wretch would have believed on Christ.



They could not have seen the miracles at least two of them could not. – They were blind! But having heard the common reports of Christ, they believed him. Believing him, the eyes of their understanding were enlightened.


A.  Faith is the gift of God.


            It is not something we muster up in ourselves by the exercise of our freewill. Faith is something God the Holy Spirit gives to and produces in chosen, redeemed, called sinners (John 1:12-13; Rom. 9:16; Eph. 2:8; Col. 2:12).


1.       It is a gift which God gives to some and withholds from others (John 10:25-26).

2.       It is a gift that God works in sinners by the preaching of the gospel (Rom. 10:17).

3.       The object of God-given, saving faith is the Lord Jesus Christ.


B.  Having said all that, I want you to realize that it is the responsibility of every man to believe God and that there is a direct correlation between our faith and God’s work.


            Our Lord asked them, “Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. Then touched him. Their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you (vv. 28-29).


            “He touched them with his hand; but they must also touch him with their faith…Had these men been mere pretenders to faith they would have remained blind.” C.H. Spurgeon.



NOTE: We must never blame on God’s sovereignty that which is the result of our own shameful unbelief. I wonder what God might do, if we simply believe him!


II.  Disobedience To Christ is Always Inexcusable – (vv. 30-31).


            The Lord Jesus was not like the self-serving, glory seeking preachers of our day. He did not seek and did not want worldly fame. Therefore he strictly commanded the men he had healed to tell no one about what he had done. But they disregarded his command. I am sure they convinced themselves that their disobedience was really what he wanted them to do; but they were dead wrong!


            We are never doing right if we disobey Christ. Even if the results turn out to be advantageous, disobedience is not to be excused – “Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice! (I Sam. 15:22).


            Illus: 1.  Saul Sparing Agag and His Spoil.

2.      Believer Marrying an Unbeliever.


In all things, it is our responsibility to submit to and obey the revealed will of God.


III.  None Are Beyond The Reach of Christ’s Omnipotence.


            We must never despair of anyone’s salvation, merely because he lives in unfavorable circumstances. Grace is stronger than circumstances! We must never despair of any because they are blind, or because they are under the yoke of satan, or because they obstinately refuse to come to Christ. Our Lord’s arm is not shortened that it cannot save. His Omnipotent arm of mercy can both break the power of satan and break the power of man’s obstinate rebellion – (Ps. 110:3).


            Notice in verse 35 that the Lord Jesus healed “every sickness and every desease!” None were too loathsome for him to touch. None were too far gone for him to cure. The Son of God is indeed “The great Physician.”


A.  All Physical Healing is His Work.


            We use medicine, doctors, and hospital, just as we look both ways before crossing a busy street. But we look to our God for life and health.


B.  The Healing of Our Souls Is Altogether His Work too.


            Christ is the Balm of Gilead. He is the Sun of Righteousness who has risen with healing in his wings! Yes, “With his stripes we are healed!” There is no desease of soul that he cannot, or will not completely cure (I Cor. 6:9-11; 1:30-31).


IV.  The Lord Jesus Is A Savior Full of Compassion For Needy Souls – (v. 36).


            Let theologians argue and wrangle all they will over such texts as this – I want everyone here to understand that when our Savior saw the last multitudes before him he was overcome by sympathy. His whole being was stirred by the sight of perishing souls. “He was moved with compassion on them!”



What are our feelings when we see the lost multitudes around us? Multitudes are seen on every side Muslims, Jews, Papists, and Protestants, intellectuals, scoffers, and a thirst ignorant, lost, unconverted, perishing! Do you feel their destitution?  Do you long to see their destitution relieved? These are serious questions; and they ought to be honestly answered. Those who are unmoved by perishing souls do not have “the mind of Christ” (I Cor. 2:16).


V.  There is A Great Harvest of Souls to be Gathered by Grace For Which We Are Responsible – (vv. 37-38).


A.  There is A Harvest to be Gathered In.


·        God’s Elect!


B.  The Lord of the Harvest is God Himself.


1.      He controls the field – The World.

  1. He controls the plants – His Vineyard.
  2. He controls the laborers.


C.  Faithful Gospel Preachers are Laborers in God’s Vineyard.


1.      They are always few.

  1. Only God can send them forth.


D.  It is the Responsibility of Every Believer to Make God’s Harvest a Matter of Earnest Prayer.


            There are many things you can and should do.



But there is one thing about all else that must be done – Pray!


  1. Pray for those who labor in the gospel.
  2. Pray for God to send forth his laborers into his harvest.
  3. Pray for a time of reaping!


Application: “Believe ye that I am able to do this?”



This much I know – If we believe him, we will act accordingly!