Sermon # 9   Series: Matthew


            Title:              WHO IS BLESSED OF GOD?
            Text:              Matthew 5:1-12
            Subject:        The Beatitudes

            Date:             Tuesday Evening – August 9, 1994
            Tape:            # Q-34




            According to this Book, there are some people in this world who are truly blessed, blessed of God, blessed from eternity, blessed now, and blessed forever in Christ, blessed with all the blessings of grace here and all the blessings of everlasting glory hereafter – (Eph. 1:3). There are some sons and daughters of Adam who truly are blessed of God. Who are they? That is the question I want to answer in this message. Who Is Blessed of God?


  1. Those who Trust the Lord – (Jer. 17:7; Luke 11:27-28).
  2. Those who Fear the Lord – (Ps. 128:1).
  3. Those whose Sins are Forgiven – (Ps. 32:2-3; Rom. 4:8).
  4. Those who are Not Offended by Christ – (Luke 7:23).
  5. Those who Endure Temptation – (James 1:12).


There are some in this world who are blessed of God. My question is this – Are you among these blessed ones? Am I? Let’s look to the Word of God and see. I am calling for each of us to examine ourselves in the light of Holy Scripture (I Cor. 13:5). I am going to set before you the character of those men and women who are blessed of God as the Lord Jesus Christ himself describes it.


            You will find my text in Matthew 5:1-12. These verses from the first part of our Lord’s sermon on the mount. The sermon itself continues chapters 6 and 7. For now, we will just look at verses 1-12. Here the Son of God describes the character of all truly saved people, the character of those who are blessed of God. Read verses 1-2.


            The Preacher is the Lord Jesus Christ himself, the true Prince of preachers, the Prophet of his church He of whom the prophets spoke is now the preacher. The voice we will hear in these verses is the voice of our Master. It is the voice of him who “spoke as never a man spake.”


            The Place was a mountain in Galilee. It was not Mt. Sinai or Mt. Olivet, or Mt. Calvary, but a common Galilean hillside. But on that common hillside the Son of God met with and instructed his disciples. That made the place a holy place!


            The Congregation was his disciples. The sermon was addressed to those who professed to be his followers. Others were present and heard the message. But the message was particularly addressed to men and women who had publicly avowed their faith in Christ by baptism and hoped that they would live with Christ forever in heaven. In a word, this sermon was addressed to people just like you and me.


            Look at verse 2 again – When our Savior’s mouth was closed he taught by example. Yet, he did not refrain from speaking as well as living the truth. And when he spoke, he spoke earnestly. He “opened his mouth and taught.” He did not mumble, mutter, or stutter – When he opens his mouth let us open our ears!


            Illus: “I don’t want to miss the Lord’s voice.”


            Now, I want us to look at verses 3-12. Here the Son of God describes his people by light distinct characteristics, and pronounces eight beatitudes, eight blessings of grace upon them. If we fit the character of those described in the blessing, then the blessing is ours and we are blessed. If we do not fit the character of the ones described. Then we have no right to claim the blessing.


I.  “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.”


            The text does not say, “Blessed are the poor.” It says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” These are men and women who, in their own judgment and esteem are spiritually poor. Their souls are barren and empty before God. They have no righteousness of their own, no good works, no good thoughts, nothing with which to commend themselves to God.


            “Being sensible of their poverty. They place themselves at the door of mercy and knock there. Their language is, ‘God be merciful…’ They are importunate, will have no denial, yet receive the least favor with thankfulness.” – John Gill


            Illus: The Canaanite Woman!



            Before God lifts you up by his grace, he will bring you down. Until you are poor in spirit, you will not seek mercy in Christ. It is painful, but blessed work when God puts a soul into a bankrupt state!



God knows how to make proud, self-sufficient sinners poor in spirit. He knows how to bring you down (Ps. 107).


A.  These are Poor In Spirit who have been made to Sense Their Desperate Need.



  1. They need Righteousness!
  2. They need Atonement!
  3. They need Pardon!
  4. They need Grace!


Rowland Hill once said, “Poverty of spirit is the bag into which Christ puts the riches of his grace.”


B.  “Blessed are the poor in spirit: For Theirs is The Kingdom of Heaven!”


            “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” (Ps. 51:17).


            “To this man will I look, even to him that is poor, and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word” (Isa. 66:2).


            If you are ever brought to the place that you have nothing in yourself, you will have everything by grace in Christ. But as long as you imagine that you have something in yourself, you have nothing!


            Are you poor in spirit? If you are, you are blessed. God made you poor.


            “It is one of the hardest things under the sun to become nothing in ourselves.” – Elisha Coles.


II.  “Blessed are they that Mourn.”



A.  God’s elect Mourn because of their Sin (Zech. 12:10). Psalm 51:1-17


B.  “They shall be Comforted!”


1.  Those who mourn because of their sin shall be comforted here by the revelation of Christ in their hearts.



2.  The shall be comforted hereafter (Jer. 15:20).



(Illus: Lazarus – Luke 16:25).


III.  “Blessed are The Meek.”


·        Meekness is a realization of who I am before God.


“Meekness is the mark of a man who has been mastered by God.” – Geoffrey Wilson.


            Illus: Moses

                        The Lord Jesus


            M. Henry wrote, “They are meek who are rarely and hardly provoked, but quickly and easily pacified; and who would rather forgive twenty injuries than avenge one, having the rule of their own spirits.”


“They shall inherit the earth!”


·        The Promised Land – Heaven!


IV.  “Blessed are they which do Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness.”


·        Imparted Righteousness!


“They shall be filled!” (Isa. 55:1; John 7:37).


“Where God works such an insatiable desire, we may be quite sure that he will satisfy it; yea, fill it to the brim.” – C.H. Spurgeon


V.  “Blessed are the Merciful.”


·        The Charitable (I Cor. 13:1-8).


“For they shall obtain mercy.”


            What we are to others God will be to us! The blessing is not in merciful acts, but in a merciful disposition.


VI.  “Blessed are the Pure in Heart.”


1. The pure in heart are those whose hearts have been…



2.  The pure in heart are…



3.  The Pure in Heart are the Purged in Heart (Heb. 10:22).


            “For they shall see God.”



VII.  “Blessed are the Peacemakers.”


·        They are peaceful.


“For they shall be called the children of God.”


            Doing the work which the Son of God came to do, They are called the children of God (I John 3:1).


VIII.  “Blessed are they which are Persecuted for Righteousness Sake.



“For theirs is the kingdom of heaven!”


Verse 11-12




1.      How different Christianity is from worldliness! How different true Christianity is from what men call Christianity – The very characters the world despises and ridicules, Christ honors and calls blessed.

2.      Let us each aim at the standard set by our Lord’s words and example.

3.      Those who are blessed of God with his grace are a blessing to others by their goodness.

Illus: Charlie Payne